DAOLaunch, the future of Decentralized Venture Capital

5 Interesting Takeaways from the DAOLaunch Project

The Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Session with the DAOLaunch Team, hosted in the Official TrustPad Telegram Community, was a blast! Mr. Sakuro Imayama and A, the DAOLaunch’s Core Team Members, have elucidated all the exciting innovations and interesting solutions that they have planned for the DAOLaunch project. Including a well-explained narrative about their solutions in tackling Decentralized Venture Capital, the both of them have also demonstrated their capabilities and shared their own experiences in the crypto space.

And here are the 5 Important Takeaways from the DAOLaunch AMA Session:

1. You can Setup and Create a Token Sale

The DAOLaunch’s Token Creation function enables users to create tokens for their token sale. It’s an easy and simple step with no coding knowledge required.

Enterprises or individuals can also start their own decentralized fundraising:
Users can create a token sale from their connected address. Both startups and individuals have access to this feature.

  • Users can create a Token Sale from their connected address.
  • Set price, Hard Cap, Soft Cap, duration, and min/max per address.
  • Once your token sale is complete your native tokens will automatically be distributed and the funds will be sent by the smart contract.
  • If the sail fails to reach the Soft Cap when the sale is finished, the funds that have been raised will be sent to the investors automatically.

2. You can Design and Edit your Own Project

You can add images such as logos and design and upload supporting documents like your pitch deck and marketing plan.

You can easily add Whitelist features by just uploading a CSV file with addresses in a few simple steps.

You can also add Token Vesting Schedules! Set the first distribution date and unlock rate, choose the distribution intervals and unlock rate each time at your preference. You can also check when your token is complete for distribution as you set the vesting period.

3. You can Build NFT Farms

Introducing the NFT Farm concept, a way for start-ups to lock liquidity and reward their most loyal supporters, DAOLaunch aims to pioneer an innovative NFT Farm Function. In short, this enables all startups to create a farming pool for users who stake native tokens or providing liquidity. You can easily build token utility using DAOLaunch NFT farms, or increase TVL to reward liquidity providers by farming your exclusive NFT.

4. You can Utilize the Grants and IBO features

The IBO is a grant system where DAOLaunch will use the platform revenue to raise the price of the most voted start-up. DAOLaunch will buy the projects token’s and automatically burn them. We will allocate $150,000.00 in grants yearly.

5. DVC-NFT: the future of new venture funding

This DAOLaunch-unique feature is one of the most unique selling points of this project. Users can Mint Decentralized Venture Capital-NFT, and use your on-chain experience to get a better deal!

  • Mint decentralized venture capital NFTs (DVC-NFT), vote, and record the investment performance on the blockchain, whilst negotiating better investment terms.
  • Create your own token index portfolio as an NFT.
  • Users can deposit their seed tokens in the contract much like a VC would.
  • Able to lend your VC portfolio on the NFT marketplace for start-ups who want to conduct IBO.
  • New PFP designs every session.

For the first time ever, you are able to trade or lend your VC portfolio to earn capital or interest without losing ownership of it. Until now, the funds invested into startups could not be used effectively until the lockup period was over. But with the DVC-NFT, even when the token is locked you can make a profit by trading or lending the DVC-NFT itself.

And those are just the beginning of their long-term plans!

The DAOLaunch Team are replete with experience and passion in the decentralized venture capital aspect of the crypto space. Showcasing their capabilities and qualifications, and also doxing themselves, gives investors and creators the much-needed reassurance that this project is set to reach all of its long-term goals and more.

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About TrustPad

TrustPad has been founded to aid the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in a safe and sustainable way. TrustPad is proudly partnered with tokenova, Lupa X, GD10 Ventures, BlockSync Ventures, X21 Digital, Meridian Capital, Wealth Union, Twin Apex Capital and 4SV.

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Multi-Chain DeFi Protocol allowing projects to raise funds in a safe way. Official Website: https://trustpad.io

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Multi-Chain DeFi Protocol allowing projects to raise funds in a safe way. Official Website: https://trustpad.io

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