FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions for Diamond Hands Rules

Diamond Hands Rules — FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I keep my unvested tokens and future distributions in the projects I have previously participated in?

2. How do I get the Diamond Hands retroactive rewards?

1) You took part in the specific sale the distribution is about.

2) You stake at least the same initial tier (or at least a guaranteed tier if the initial tier was a lottery tier) when you made the purchase for the sale.

3) You stake the tier in the 365 days pool or above (730 or 1095 days) before Aug 5, 2022, i.e. Aug 4, 23:59 UTC at the latest.

3. What is the initial tier?

4. What percentage of relinquished tokens will each staking pool receive?

5. Will the relinquished tokens be distributed based on tier or proportional TPAD holding?

6. What must I do to receive the relinquished tokens, Diamond Hands rewards?

7. What is the early unstaking fee?

8. Some past projects like Gensokishi — MV and BlokPad — BPAD have multiple vesting events. Does missing the Aug 5 deadline mean relinquishing all the vested tokens or just the upcoming one?

9. What are the criteria for new users to receive these rewards (relinquished tokens)?

10. What if I changed my wallets?

11. What if there is a refund?

12. Can I combine tiers?

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