New Staking Pools and Rewards — Loyalty Pays!

2 min readJul 22, 2022


Dear TrustPad Family,

Today we are rolling out a big update including new IDO staking pools with higher rewards and perks!

We want to reward loyalty, and decided to introduce higher staking rewards and perks to our most loyal users.

With the new system launched today — loyalty truly pays. The longer you stake for, the higher the rewards and allocation sizes.

The longer you stake with a higher APY, the more you will earn in the long term.

We also launched three new staking pools:

365 Days ~15% APY*

730 Days ~20% APY*

1095 Days ~29% APY*

⚠️ If you are already staked, you can easily upgrade to any pool by using the “Upgrade” button.

Access it here 👉

We also changed the maturity periods for the rewards; The longer you stake, the shorter the reward maturity is. For example, 365 days pool stakers can claim rewards every 3 months, 730 days pool stakers can claim rewards every 2 months and so on.

Besides this, we have a long list of various reward and perk types that will be provided exclusively to the long-term stakers.

These pools will also provide special access to the TrustPad incubation projects coming soon, but one of the most exciting updates yet, will be that by staking in the long-term staking pools is that you will be eligible for extra rewards within the TrustPad ecosystem. Hint: 💎

Stay tuned.

Access it here 👉


Best regards,
TrustPad Team

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