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Syn City: The Real Mafia Metaverse

9 min readJan 5, 2022


Lead the syndicate. Conquer the blockchain cities. Rule the Mafia Metaverse.

We are super excited to introduce you to Syn City, one of the most anticipated blockchain games, launching January 7th on TrustPad Launchpad!

Have you ever seen those classic mafia movies or have witnessed a mob war? Or perhaps you just want to experience or be involved in these?
Then you’ve come to the perfect place: Syn City.

This much awaited metaverse project will bring all of your Mafia dreams to life. You can start by grinding your way from being an associate to becoming a Capo Crew Head or even a Consigliere! Or you can start becoming one of the Capitalists or HODLers in the Syn City. Your choice.

Syn City is more than just a game, it’s a platform that will pave the way to the success of the Mafia Metaverse. You can build your own team composed of different crewmates and fight off other mafia teams in a classic street war, gather expensive raid loots; and win interests and network points, then recruit more members in your family; build covert businesses, tax your underlings and govern your own turfs; then ultimately aim to conquer bigger districts and cities— and then rule the Mafia Metaverse!

Welcome to the other side, goodfella. The Syn City is waiting for you.


“We are all in a decentralized degen universe. It’s good to be bad.”

Utilizing the infinite possibilities inside the blockchain metaverse and crypto gaming, The Syn City project aims to be one of the leading name in this part of the industry. This is not just your next ordinary crypto game; this will be a community-focused project that goes beyond expectations.

The game is built using the latest Unity Real-Time Development Platform in C# which is the industry standard for cross-platform game development. Created by professional and experienced coders, the game’s advanced graphics rendering will give players complete gaming immersion and enjoyable playing experience. The team also took notes from the past crypto games about overall scalability, streaming ability, and network readiness — this is to make sure that the Syn City project is more than prepared for millions of gamers all over the world.

$8 million invested by Angels such as Justin Kan (Co-founder of Twitch), Do Kwon (Co-founder of Terra), Kieran Warwick (Co-founder of Illuvium), Santiago R Santos (Ex-Partner of Parafi Capital), leading VCs including Animoca Brands, Spartan Group and HOF and strategic partners including Overwolf, Merit Circle, YGG, GuildFi and many more.

Free-to-Play meets Play-to-Earn. Free-to-Earn.

Paying a lot just to play a good game seems to be a bit counterintuitive, and most of the well-renowned games today are all free-to-play too! So one of the primary aims of Syn City is to give every one a chance, not just to play the game for free but also to earn while enjoying the game. #F2P #P2E

Everyone can start the game by building their own Syndicate group, composed of four NFT characters (users still need to pay for the gas fee that applies for the minting). Then you’ll be a Synner, an official Syn City player. Exhibiting a refined take on the world of a modern crime syndicate, the Syn City gameplay will start off as a role-playing game, where a player can acquire and manage members, train and prepare them for mafia wars or mob raids for loots, control businesses and reign over turfs, and ultimately expanding your mafia empire!

Game Mechanics: Real-Time Card Battler Meets High-End Graphics.

Syn City’s battle mechanics is exciting. Imagine a street mob war game where you face your opponents and awkwardly wait for their turn to finish? You won’t be having any of that kind of klutzy battles in Syn City. Here you need quick wits and good decision-making under pressure.

Each of your characters will have special abilities, or action cards, that you can throw at the enemy team each time they are off cooldown. It’ll be your decision to wait for a team combo or just rapid fire for a rush kill. Your choice.

Climbing the Mafia Ranks of Syn City through daily missions, events, and mafia wars won’t be easy, but it will definitely be immersive, lucrative and exciting! Build up your crew and take on other Synners’ crews to earn reputation and assets. Strategize to build a ruthless empire backed by a gritty syndicate of peers, friends, and enemies alike.

The Syndicate Protocol, The Foundational Layer of Syn City.

The Syn City Project Team promised to give more details about this, but according to their whitepaper, the Syndicate Protocol is the foundational layer for the ever-expanding Mafia Metaverse. This protocol is the Layer 3 framework that acts as the canvas for numerous DeFi products ranging from in-game assets, Marketplaces, Casinos, Farms and Pools, Churches, all the way up to new gaming modules and many more.

The Syndicate Protocol will be open to all community developers to add more modules to the users, similar to what Roblox does to its community developers.


“In the Syn City Mafia Metaverse, games should be free to play and earn.”

As with all other Crypto Games in the blockchain metaverse, the Syn City has its own token or currency. This is a crucial part to ensure the continuity and overall health of the game. And this is what will enable players to earn while grinding the game.

Sin City’s Currencies: $SYN, $sSYN, and $sPOWER.

Syn City’s major currency is called $SYN.

The economy loop of the core game will cycle between mafia battles, resource management, and team management.

$SYN is also the governance token for the metaverse and core of the Mafia-as-a-DAO system. Another important use case of $SYN is by staking to earn $sSYN (synthetic SYN) which is used to purchase in-game assets on the marketplace with a discount. You can also stake $SYN to gain other useful benefits, like generating $sPOWER and using this internally, or earn an additional yield income, or boost your in-game characters to help take over the world!

Mafia as a DAO. Be the leader you have always wanted to be.

Be the leader you have always wanted to be by creating, taking charge, and leading a group of degenerate syndicate members. Commit crime, layout strategies, expand your crews, raid other syndicates, and even collect taxes.

There can be multiple syndicates but only the top 7 leaders with the most $sPOWER will be allowed to join the High Table to manage the governance committee of Syn City which will shape the earnings events and allocate the earnings pool.

The top 7 syndicates on the High Table will overlook the metaverse and help shape Syn City and the Syndicate Protocol. Each syndicate has an uncapped amount of crew members and they can create and develop strategies to attract more syndicate members.

DAO mechanism will be introduced after the public sale has been concluded. This system will be introduced after we conduct surveys, and get community suggestions to implement it. This implementation will also allow us to choose the most active and engaging community members to be part of the genesis governance system and help shape the first steps forward.

One of the most prized possessions, the Syn City NFTs.

In Sin City, almost all variables are NFTs: the unique characters, the plethora of equipment and resources, the turfs and domains, the licenses, and a lot more! Who doesn’t want to completely own one of these tradeable items?

The Sin City Project Team will be providing a Marketplace for these non-fungible tokens, and it will be accessible by all Synners from all territories.

Some of the more legendary items — namely the Syn Pass and Blueprints NFTs — have already been put on sale last year and it is exciting to hear that there will be a lot more NFTs (read: Turfs and Licenses) in store for all players and investors that are eyeing to have an ownership in this much anticipated game!


“Syn City is more than just a game, it is a platform for the community.”

SYN CITY is more than a game, it’s a platform, it’s a Layer 3 technology, a Mafia Infrastructure for the assets generated and utilized within the Mafia Metaverse. There will be a sleuth of ongoing new Play & Earn modules to be generated for this ecosystem, like first-person shooter games, strategy games, farming games, or even MMO games all coming and being derived directly from the assets generated and the existing infrastructure that is built.

And of course this will allow the Sin City project to dominate all the major blockchains and beyond!

The Project Masterminds

The Sin City Masterminds are composed of a group of professionals with amazing experiences covering all aspects of a great project in the making, Sin City is gearing to be one of the most anticipated projects of this year!

And they are backed by mentors, advisors and investors deep rooted in the gaming and movie industry!

Syn City’s Project Roadmap is in its early days. The Version 1 Game Module and Marketplace is set to be released this first quarter of 2022. So everyone hyped up for this project now is definitely early!

Again, Syn City is more than just a game, it’s a platform that will pave the way to the success of the Mafia Metaverse that will conquer all other blockchain mafia games out there!

This much awaited metaverse project will bring all of your Mafia dreams to life. So why settle for being a Capo Crew Head or a Consigliere? Why not aim to be the Boss or the Godfather? The choice is yours.

Welcome to the other side, goodfella. The Syn City is waiting for you!

SYN CITY IGO Details on TrustPad

  • Name: $SYNR
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 10 000 000 000
  • Initial Mcap: $510,000
  • Listing price: $0.02
  • IGO Date: January 7th
  • Allocation: $200K
  • IGO Price: $0.02
  • Vesting: 10% at TGE, then 30% every 3 months over 9 months

Read more about how to participate in the Syn City IGO on TrustPad!
And check out Syn City’s IGO Pool Page by clicking here.

Thank you!

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