TrustPad are hosting Netvrk’s NFT Land Presale

We are very excited to announce that Netvrk’s Genesis Islands will be available via TrustPad! The land presale will go ahead during the first week of September.

Shape the future of the metaverse

The Genesis Islands are made up of plots of land that make up Netvrk’s digital landscape, giving users the ability to own premium virtual real estate on the platform. Users will be able to shape the land itself, create, share, and monetise activity in multiple ways with Netvrk’s own 3D creation system and NFT marketplace.

Virtual land map key

The Virtual Land Sale is the first step in giving the community a stake in the Netvrk Metaverse. In addition to governance being based on land ownership, additional land utilities are being revealed. These include revenue sharing, granting land owners a share of all revenue generated by the Netvrk Marketplace. As you can imagine, this is a big step in Netvrk’s Play to Earn model, and gives landowners a larger role in the overall Netvrk ecosystem, one of many ways to capitalise.

It is also where Netvrk’s premium content, rewards, benefits, experiences, and new technology will be shared first. Owners of land will also get exclusive access to purchase the the Mega Bonus Pack NFT which includes unlimited resources to build, boosted earnings, free entry to Netvrk’s NFT lottery, and discounts on featured NFTs.

How to participate with TrustPad

Land parcels will be available to TPAD holders staking into guaranteed levels, as well as lottery winners.

The raise will be performed on Binance Smart Chain and participants will send TrustPad $BUSD to purchase land parcels in $NTVRK for the TrustPad community. This $NTVRK will be sent to the supplier and the tokens will be locked for a minimum of one year.

Presale Prices available via TrustPad

Check out Netvrk’s Medium article to read more about the land presale:

We look forward to seeing how Netvrk’s metaverse evolves and are excited to enable the TrustPad community to contribute to its development!

About Netvrk

Netvrk is a social virtual world and platform, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetise creations. With a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets.

NetVRK Social Links

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Medium

About TrustPad

TrustPad has been founded to aid the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in a safe and sustainable way. TrustPad is proudly partnered with tokenova, Lupa X, GD10 Ventures, BlockSync Ventures, X21 Digital, Meridian Capital, Wealth Union, Twin Apex Capital and 4SV.

TrustPad is different to other launchpads. A ‘quality not quantity’ approach ensures that projects launched through TrustPad have real long term value. This will provide the TrustPad community with sustainable development, attracting a larger community for both $TPAD and the projects launched on the platform.

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