TrustPad IDO Levels (Tiers) Announcement
1 min readMay 11, 2021

After collecting feedback from our trusted partners who have academically researched the launchpad model, we are excited to finally share with you our Levels (Tiers) system below.

TrustPad Levels (Tiers) System for participation in IDOs.

We consider this a start point of what is to come as we look to innovate within the launchpad space and beyond, to develop a stronger ecosystem for all. Part of this is continual development of the Levels system to optimize it and increase access points to projects in advance of their IDOs.

Our staking periods are fluid — no locks — and will gradually increase to reach the times stated to make sure that holders can access the every Level in advance of TrustPad’s first IDO.

Staking will go live ahead of this and we will share with you further details on how it will be implemented.

Stay tuned ⚡

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