TrustPad x BlackDragon — Strategic Partnership Alliance.

TrustPad is excited to officially announce a strategic partnership with BlackDragon, a decentralized blockchain-native fundraising group with dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research teams.

BlackDragon will provide invaluable resources in marketing, community growth and access to their expansive, yet exclusive industry network.

BlackDragon’s vision directly aligns with TrustPad’s, to empower projects that offer innovative blockchain solutions to real life problems, while adding value to the crypto industry as a whole.

BlackDragon have previously backed successful projects such as Chainlink, PAID, Thorchain, Kylin, DAO Maker and many more.

TrustPad says:

“We are delighted to welcome BlackDragon as strategic partners, and we look forward to catalysing the TrustPad ecosystem through BlackDragon’s strong community.”

BlackDragon says:

“BlackDragon is thrilled to contribute to TrustPad and include it within our portfolio of investments in the BSC ecosystem and DeFi protocols. Our supportive community will certainly be of great help for TrustPad’s future development.”

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