TrustPad x Lupa X Capital — Strategic Partnership Alliance.

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Lupa X Capital. Lupa X Capital will utilize their far-reaching marketing and promotion resources to assist in TrustPad’s launch, helping create the foundation for strong and sustainable growth.

Lupa X Capital is a newly formed VC made up of 4 members based in the UK, Netherlands, and Germany. Their dedication and hard work have resulted in a meteoric growth trend for their company, as shown by the formation of multiple partnerships with significant projects. Though they are currently quite small, Lupa X Capital has huge potential for future growth and are very much a rising star in the Blockchain VC space.

Lupa X Capital has previously backed a number of successful projects including CardStarter, MoonEdge and Cryptomeda.

Their team are very enthusiastic and diligent, and are always willing to assist and go the extra mile.

We look forward to working closely with this young and energetic team, and leveraging their expertise and connections in the blockchain sector.

We believe that IDO platforms and launchpads such as Trustpad are an integral component of the DeFi ecosystem, enabling builders to introduce their projects to early adopters and allowing them to participate in some of the best upcoming projects, without sacrificing the core principles of decentralization such as permissionless access to economic freedom. With TrustPad’s focus on cross-chain integration with the best Layer 1s, we believe they will play an important role in the DeFi revolution.

— Lupa X Capital

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