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TrustPad x Momentum 6 — Strategic Partnership Alliance.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Momentum 6. Momentum 6 brings an unrivaled network of connections, along with valuable knowledge of crypto’s inner-workings, that will help launch TrustPad on the path to success.

Founded by Garlam Won, Momentum 6 is a significant mover in the crypto industry, architecting marketing strategies for many successful projects. Garland is a former JP Morgan investment banker and Deloitte management consultant. He has contributed to shaping many aspects of the blockchain industry, enabled by close relations with communities in China, South Korea, Canada, and the United States. Garlam Won is also the founder of Genesis Shards.

Momentum 6 have previously invested in Reef, Kylin Network, Oddz, PAID, PolkaFoundry, Mantra DAO, Boson Protocol, Raze and many other successful projects.

Momentum 6 and Garlam Won has an unmatched set of connections coupled with deep expertise of crypto’s inner-workings.

TrustPad, CMO, says:

“Momentum 6 team have a proven track record for supporting the development of innovative blockchain projects and an extensive network to enable them to succeed. For us, it was a no-brainer and we were thrilled they wanted to be involved.”

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