TrustPad’s Alumni Member: Cannumo
3 min readJul 13, 2021

Cannumo is a real world business connecting two disruptive industries with significant opportunities for first movers — Cannabis & Crypto.

Due to upcoming legislation, the EU market will be fully open within the next year and Cannumo will be utilising increased demand by offering 3 applications:

1. Grow Funding

2. Cannumo CBD (Cannabis Business Dropshipping)

3. Cannumo Wallet solutions

These 3 solutions address common problems in the cannabinoid sector and were developed through discussions with dozens of across the Cannabinoid and Blockchain industries. The result is a novel way of starting and maintaining Cannabis production and developing the business whilst incorporating Blockchain technology and DeFi.

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Commentary by tokenova.

What stood out for us with Cannumo is their focus on the upstream rather than developing branded consumer goods, and the market is so immature in Europe that there is significant growth in simply growing.

Their team is also very well prepared, with a 5 year business plan including financials. They have substantively researched legal and regulatory aspects in depth, with the right experts on board for ongoing support, and partnerships with established US players to secure early distribution channels, which de-risks any potential delays in the opening up of the European market.

CBD is hotting up in Europe, we have first hand experience of bulge bracket banks testing the waters, and products such asCBD energy drinks are already being touted as the next big innovation in beverages. Cannumo have built a plan to capitalise on this momentum as a first mover, with a focus on production of CBD, which is lower risk than relying solely on a consumer facing brand.

Overall, Cannumo presents itself as a promising project which could bring much legitimacy to not one, but two industries which have suffered from much scrutiny, and has the potential to act as a catalyst for mass market adoption for both of them.

Check out further details below about how to get involved.

Public Sale Competition — Airdrop of $CANU tokens

If you are interested in opportunities relating to Cannumo, please declare your interest by completing the form below.

Enter here:

For those of you who miss out on a coveted spot, the $CANU public sale is being held on July 14th on Prostarter, DefiDrop, ZeeDo & Yellow Road. You can find more information about this, and more, via the official Cannumo channels listed below.

We wish the Cannumo team all the best with their launch and look forward to exploring ways in which we, our other alumni, and partners can work with them in the future.





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